Bit Elevation XVG Verge Coin Cold Storage – Limited Edition of 99

Limited Edition Bit Elevation Verge Cold Storage
Series One – Only 99 Wallets Created
20 Available for Sale as Collectables coming soon!

If you would like to pay using VERGE (XVG), please click here.


All Public and Private Keys are generated using the Verge Random Generator.  Once printed, all Private keys are permanently deleted from the Bit Elevation database and cannot be regenerated to prevent malicious intent.  Public Keys are published online along with the corresponding serial number.

Verge XVG Cold Storage Wallet Coming Soon

After a small run of the Bit Elevation Verge Model Wallet Series, we are proud to announce that we have started production on the Verge Paper Wallet – Series One.

Bit Elevation Verge Wallet Serial Numbers and Public Keys

             Bit Elevation Verge Paper Wallet Series One

There are many levels of security featured on the Bit Elevation Verge Paper Wallet.  Each are marked individually with a serial number.  That number is also represented on the authentic seal.  The private key is masked by a hologram that can be revealed either by scratching it with a coin or by taking a small piece of tape and lifting the hologram.  The document is embossed with the Bit Elevation logo.  The paper used is a specific type that mimics other traditional currencies.

Bit Elevation is looking at a launch date of January 1st, 2018 for these Verge Cold Storage Paper Wallets.