Production Stopped On Verge – Series One Wallets

After manufacturing 20 Verge Series One Cold Storage Wallets, we quickly realized from respected peers that these wallets were insecure.  Our thoughts were to produce a wallet that was “turn on and go.”  However, we overstepped a major boundary with producing public and private keys for consumers.  That is a big no-no.

Instead of selling wallets that have the potential to be attacked and funds mishandled, we have decided to stop producing these wallets.  We have 20 of them on hand.  These wallets will now be classified as,  Collectables, and urge users not to fund these wallets.

These wallets will be stored at Bit Elevation and will go on sale as collectables at a later time.

Meanwhile, Bit Elevation has been hitting the design suite hard to come up with the right prototype to replace this wallet as well as a design for future wallets.  Our timeline to replace the Verge wallet will be sometime next week.  We also have a Bitcoin wallet that will be available the following week.

Thank you for your understanding


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