New Bitcoin BTC Savings Wallets Available

I am proud to announce that the new Bitcoin Savings Wallets are ready to go! This series will have a total of 500 wallets.  The only thing needed is a price. I have decided to auction the first three wallets on eBay. After the sales are completed, I will average the three prices together and minus 5%. This total will be the price at which the other 497 wallets will be listed at, plus shipping.

This BTC Savings Wallet is printed on special paper that has been embossed with the Bit Elevation logo. This is a DIY wallet, meaning you print your own Public and Private QR Codes. The Public QR Code can be simply pasted in the designated area. The Private QR Code is laid face down in the designated area and the Authentic Sticker is then applied, securing the Code with tamper evidence.

The eBay listings can be found here:

Serial Number BTC00001:

Serial Number BTC00002:

Serial Number BTC00003:


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