Introducing the Bitcoin Savings Wallet

I would like you to meet the Bitcoin Savings Wallet- a collectable, DIY paper wallet to store your Bitcoin. These make perfect gifts as well as great personal storage for the long-term.

Bitcoin Savings Wallets eBay Auction Results
Bitcoin Savings Wallets eBay Auction Results

The price of the wallet was determined by you- the consumer. In an effort to get a fair market price, Bit Elevation posted the first three notes, BTC00001, BTC00002 and BTC00003 separately on eBay in auction format. Each listing started at $0.01. After the dust settled, we took the average of the selling prices, minus 5%, which left us at $30 per note plus shipping.


A small pre-order was held on the BitcoinTalk forum where members who purchased the wallets had the opportunity to choose the serial numbers they wanted. This is a total run of 500 wallets.

And now, they are available to everyone!  Wallet serial numbers are first come, first served, meaning these will be sold in available, sequential order. These are available to both US and International. Shipping is $3.00 to the US, and $5.00 internationally.  If you purchase 5 or more wallets, shipping is free!


To order, pay the equivalent of $30 USD per wallet (plus $3 US shipping/$5 International Shipping) using your choice of the following cryptocurrencies. To get an accurate rate, visit Coin Market Cap’s Currency Convertor Calcuator.  Once you have chosen one of the below payment options, be sure that you are sending the funds to the correct address using the correct coin. Bit Elevation is not responsible for misdirection of funds. After you have sent payment, please email with your Txid and your shipping address. I will confirm your order within 24 hours. All orders ship out the following Saturday.




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